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“…Everyone reading this has an enormous amount of power. Cultural power, mostly. The ability to speak up, to paint a picture of a different way, to share words and images with those that care to hear them. But also the power of connection. The power to find people who need to know each other and help make magic happen. When we combine leadership (the leadership of ideas) with organization (the organization of people) we create the fabric of our culture, and our culture determines our future.

…..we live in a moment where each of us has the power of influence. What will you do with it?”

Seth Godin

Community Builder training, you can study modules  that provide knowledge and information to be an effective leader

This knowledge can help you and your group be successful and manage change.

These strategies and techniques will help to build a world that you want.  

A new perspective + knowledge will help create a better world for you, your family and humankind.

You Will Learn the Basics About:

Catalytic leadership


Practicing Abundance


Community Builder Modules

Team Building

Telling your Story

Recruiting Volunteers

Building a Board

and much more

there are 52 Modules!

You’ll read about definitions, resources, unique community profiles, and unusual responses to chronic problems.

Subscriber Benefits


52 weekly modules on community building, all related to issues of community building.


Access to a Library of Resources


Unique stories & innovations


Relevant book reviews


Access to E-store and New product offerings


…and much more!

All for $147! One whole year.

$147 ÷ 52 = $2.83 per week

  And if you become a subscriber today, there’s a special deal.

For the first 200 Subscribers

The Special Offer is… if You join now

 all materials for

$147 $97 = $1.87 per week

Why Wait? Be the change you want to see.

      Carpe diem—seize the day.

Help improve the chances for your neighborhood association, church, aging in place community, service club, local emergency team, and environmental cause. You’ll do this by learning about new skills, ideas, models and strategies for success.


A one-time payment of $97 (Special Introductory Offer – First 200 Subscribers ONLY) secures one year of skill-based learning and resources for community building.

Too Much?
Get 52 weeks of Top Tips for $17

You will get 3 to 5 or more Top Tips about the same topics in the Modules in a one-page summary once a week, every week for a year!


All of the same topics without all the extras


Delivered to your Inbox


A one-time payment of $17 buys one year of key concepts for your work.


If you want more in-depth information, you can still subscribe to the 52 Modules at the introductory price at anytime and we’ll even deduct $17 (Your price =  $80!)

You’ll be glad you did.

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