What is NWResources about?

The mission of NW Resources (NWR) is to build strong communities by providing resources for community leaders to understand, negotiate and manage change. If you are looking for a mentor, coach, speaker or advice, contact us. Affiliate contacts are at the Affiliates (see below) tab.  Or email Michael at msr@nwresources.com.

NWR uses its web site and Facebook page to fulfill its mission.

What is the purpose of the NWR Community Builder program?

Community Builder offers resources for community leaders. NWR’s mission fulfillment provides community activists with direction for personal skill building, effective community engagement and discovery of unique projects. Our goal is to help community leaders strengthen and build resilient communities.

Questions? Still need to contact us? Email msr@nwresources.com

What is an Affiliate?

A NWR Affiliate offers expertise in specific areas. NWR’s site contains links to selected Affiliates who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in their respective fields. Information shared by Affiliates and the greater NWR community enhances your project. We welcome your input and comments.

Where can I find more information on topics covered in Community Builder Modules and Top Tips?

Please take a look the Resource Library at NWResources.com/Library and Blog Archives at NWResources.com/Blog. Information shared on the NWResources platform is a limited sampling of ideas and information. Sharing your personal experience and interest is welcome and will help us provide a more rounded perspective on a variety of topics. We know you have important information that might help community activists too. Your personal experiences and questions are welcome.

Where can I post or send information on a cool project or creative solution?

Try responding to the blog, emailing Michael or one of the Affiliates. All comments and posts are subject to moderation.

What about NWR and its products?

Success with community building depends on the people involved. NWR recommends the products and services of its Affiliates but offers no guarantees. Contact respective Affiliates for input and the eStore for products and services. A refund is possible except with special offers. (ex. Introductory Community Builder Offer)

What else do I need to know about NWResources?

Other than the words and pictures offered on this NWR forum, it is what you and others make of it. We’ll give it our best shot.  We look forward to hearing from you!